Chitika Maps - Start Earning Revenue for publishers

Start Earning Revenue From Chitika Maps

Chitika Maps is one of the only free alternatives which comes packaged and ready to implement with much of the same functionality and aesthetic offered by paid map services. Chitika Maps provides an opportunity for publishers to enjoy new revenue streams by opting to include ads within map units for local advertisers, helping to monetize websites.

Chitika maps combine advertising with a full-featured mapping system. Check out the feature-set below: Local Ads, Mobile Ads, Search Targeted Ads.

Local Ads For Publishers

Increase your revenue with Local Ads

Chitika Maps, Earning Revenue From Chitika MapsChitika's Local Ad Exchange allows you to display local ads to your site's visitors. At Chitika, we are always committed to serving ads directly to a user's intent. Traffic through our ad network self-identifies as local by their search queries � allowing ads to display on your site directly to people who have searched specifically for local results is the most effective and efficient way of making sure local ads are seen by the right user, in the right place, at the right time.

How do Chitika's local ads work on my site?

We help you monetize your local traffic by providing ads that are relevant to your user's location.

Can I use Chitika Local Ads with Google AdSense?

Yes. You can use Chitika Ads with AdSense because Chitika Ads are non-contextual and do not look like AdSense units.

What kind of local traffic does the Chitika ad network get?

Chitika works with tons of local advertisers and sees local traffic in all categories. Whatever local traffic you have, Chitika's local ad network has what you need.

Mobile Ads For Publishers

Earn more with Mobile Ads

Chitika Mobile Ads allow publishers to show ads to their visitors in a mobile format to any iOS or Android user, regardless of whether your site is designed for the mobile experience. Any user who visits a site running the Chitika ad code on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device will automatically be served a mobile banner ad. You can monetize this traffic without sacrificing the intent-driven targeting that makes Chitika ads so effective.

Why are Chitika Mobile Ads important?

More and more users are surfing the web on their phones, so it is important to monetize your mobile traffic. We offer pay-per-click and pay-per-call ads for all of your mobile traffic!

What is Chitika's mobile ad distribution?

Chitika's mobile ads feature the same wide, intent-driven distribution of the full Chitika advertising network. Mobile ads are served based on device rather than site, so the full selection of mobile traffic is eligible to receive mobile ads.

What devices will the Mobile Ads show up on?

Chitika Mobile ads will display on all of your visitor's iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices.

Search Targeted Ads For Publishers

Increase earnings with Search Targeted Ads

Chitika's Search Targeted Ads ensure that the ads on your site are seen by users who are interested in the ad content. By taking the intent targeting of search engine results and placing it onto your site, the ads are seen by people based on their search. This greatly increases the chance that users will click on the ads, as the content is directly related to their search query. Sign up today and experience the results search targeted ads will bring you!

How do Search Targeted Ads work on my page?

Chitika brings search targeted ads off of the search engines and onto your site. We know what search queries users are entering to find your site, so the ads serve directly to their interests.

How do you see users' search intent?

When search traffic comes into the Chitika ad network, we see the search term that users entered. Instead of advertising contextually, we can see and advertise directly to user intent.

What are the requirements to become a publisher?

As long as your site is in alignment with our terms and conditions, signing up is completely free!


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